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A Smalltell Marketplace Provides Social Commerce Features for Entrepreneurs & Retailers

Engage those in your distribution channel, market or customer-base by deploying a presence on the Smalltell Social Commerce Platform, creating new revenue streams around your online & social media activity.

Brands use the platform to create an economy around their followers.

Retailers use the platform to drive customers into physical locations.

There are many use cases for our marketplace model. Communicate with our team for a demo and to achieve the customization you’re looking for to get started with your own social commerce marketplace.

Key features of the Smalltell Platform include:

Marketplace Infrastructure with User Profiles

Messaging / Chat

Responsive Website, iOS & Android Deployments (View on any Device)

Buying, Selling & Sharing Offers

Secure Cart & Checkout with Payments

Rewards & Loyalty

More - Contact Smalltell

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