We Build Social Commerce Services & Applications

When you're working hard to grow your brand, we understand that the value you create for your audience directly correlates to the value of your company and its offering, especially in an ultra-connected world where direct-to-consumer models are evolving to the forefront of sales and marketing efforts for companies across many industries.

When we work with our partners and clients, we evaluate business objectives, short-term and long-term goals, target demographics and market conditions, then, engineer a plan around the appropriate technologies in order to drive the most output, equity, value and profitability.

Services & Capabilities Include:

Creating E-Commerce Marketplaces Developed from Our Proprietary Smalltell Platform

Digital Payment & Mobile Banking Technologies

Retail Engagement & Kiosk Strategies

Rewards & Loyalty

Mobile & IoT Application Development

Responsive Website Development

Interface Design

User-Experience Design

Quality-Assurance Testing

Project Management & Digital Production

Branding, Storytelling & Narrative

Digital Marketing

Digital & Traditional Advertising

Multicultural Engagement & Localization

Social Media Engagement

3D Design, Gaming & Animation

Sound Design & Audible Engagement FX

Product & Package Design

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